Main Character Solution

In each of the stories below, the solution to the Main Character's difficulties lies in being suited to handle a task; the innate capacity to do or be (MC Solution: Ability). This is because their personal problem arises from the motivation to change one's situation or circumstances (MC Problem: Desire). At the point of crisis these Main Characters will have a decision to make: either do things the way they always have (Remain Steadfast) or adopt the alternative viewpoint presented within the story (Change). If they Remain Steadfast then they will continue to be driven by their problem. If they Change then they will do so by adopting this solution.

Main Character Solution    Ability

The Piano Lesson

Although she’s unaware of it, Berniece has the capacity to free herself from her self-imposed exile from life, and conquer the evil spirit plaguing her family.  She has a strong sense of survival and justice that is bolstered by her Christian beliefs.  This is demonstrated when she’s faced with losing her brother to Sutter’s evil spirit.  When everyone else is in a panic, Berniece goes to the piano, plays a hymn, and successfully calls up her ancestor’s spirits to defeat the ghost.

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