Filtered Analysis

Holistic Timelock stories


Main Character Mental Sex


Miles tries to solve his problems by looking for balance. He lies to everyone in an effort to maintain stable relationships. Holistic thinkers tend to look for balance, aspects of fulfillment and temporal connections, as perfectly exemplified by Miles’s description of Pinot - his favorite wine (which happens to be a metaphor for himself, as opposed to Cabernet which symbolizes his friend Jack): “Pinot is a hard grape to grow, temperamental, ripens early.  It’s not a survivor like Cabernet.  It needs constant care and attention, can only grow under very specific circumstances and realize its full potential with the most patient and nurturing of growers.  Only someone who really takes the time to realize Pinot’s full potential can coax it into its fullest expression.”


Story Limit


Jack and Christine’s wedding happens in 10 days. Jack (as protagonist) has that long to handle his problems.