The Importance of Being Earnest


Analysis based on 1952 film version of Oscar Wilde's play.  "Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff are two men that are both pretending to be someone they are not." --

Story Dynamics

8 of the 12 essential questions

Main Character Resolve: Change
Jack changes his essential nature while attempting to solve the story's problem.

Main Character Growth: Stop
regarding Jack, the audience is waiting for something to stop.

Main Character Approach: Be-er
Jack prefers a mental solution to his problem.

Main Character Problem-Solving Style: Linear
Jack uses linear problem-solving techniques.

Story Driver: Decision
In terms of the overall plot, decisions force actions to be taken.

Story Limit: Optionlock
The story climax occurs because all options have been exhausted.

Story Outcome: Success
In terms of the overall plot, the original goal is achieved.

Story Judgment: Good
Jack ultimately succeeds in resolving his personal problems.

Overall Story Throughline

The Importance of Being a Somebody

Overall Story Throughline: Mind
Overall Story Concern: Preconscious
Overall Story Issue: Worth vs. Value
Overall Story Problem: Unending
Overall Story Solution: Ending
Overall Story Symptom: Determination
Overall Story Response: Expectation
Overall Story Catalyst: Worry
Overall Story Inhibitor: Security
Overall Story Benchmark: Subconscious
Overall Story Signpost 1: Preconscious
Overall Story Signpost 2: Subconscious
Overall Story Signpost 3: Conscious
Overall Story Signpost 4: Memory

Main Character Throughline


Main Character Throughline: Psychology
Main Character Concern: Being
Main Character Issue: Thought vs. Knowledge
Main Character Problem: Unending
Main Character Solution: Ending
Main Character Symptom: Hunch
Main Character Response: Theory
Main Character Unique Ability: Desire
Main Character Critical Flaw: Skill
Main Character Benchmark: Becoming
Main Character Signpost 1: Becoming
Main Character Signpost 2: Being
Main Character Signpost 3: Conceiving
Main Character Signpost 4: Conceptualizing

Influence Character Throughline


Influence Character Throughline: Physics
Influence Character Concern: Doing
Influence Character Issue: Enlightenment vs. Wisdom
Influence Character Problem: Non-Accurate
Influence Character Solution: Accurate
Influence Character Symptom: Determination
Influence Character Response: Expectation
Influence Character Unique Ability: Experience
Influence Character Critical Flaw: Ability
Influence Character Benchmark: Obtaining
Influence Character Signpost 1: Obtaining
Influence Character Signpost 2: Learning
Influence Character Signpost 3: Understanding
Influence Character Signpost 4: Doing

Relationship Story Throughline


Relationship Story Throughline: Universe
Relationship Story Concern: Progress
Relationship Story Issue: Fantasy vs. Fact
Relationship Story Problem: Hunch
Relationship Story Solution: Theory
Relationship Story Symptom: Determination
Relationship Story Response: Expectation
Relationship Story Catalyst: Threat
Relationship Story Inhibitor: Confidence
Relationship Story Benchmark: Future
Relationship Story Signpost 1: Progress
Relationship Story Signpost 2: Past
Relationship Story Signpost 3: Future
Relationship Story Signpost 4: Present

Addditional Story Points

Key Structural Appreciations

Overall Story Goal: Preconscious
Overall Story Consequence: Progress
Overall Story Cost: Doing
Overall Story Dividend: Being
Overall Story Requirements: Subconscious
Overall Story Prerequisites: Future
Overall Story Preconditions: Obtaining
Overall Story Forewarnings: Becoming

Plot Progression Visualizations

Dynamic Act Schematics


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