Constructive Criticism

A.I. Wars

Posted on July 15, 2001

The dueling visions of Stanley Kubrick and Stephen Spielberg in A.I. Artificial Intelligence A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a film born from the visions of two filmic legends: Stanley Kubrick and Stephen Spielberg. Though there are many great and...
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True Liabilities

Posted on March 2, 1998

Jack of all trades, master of none. Sometimes a story just tries to do too much. Often when creating a work, an author will be inspired by a bit of action, a particular character or an interesting theme. Unfortunately, these may not all belong in...
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The XX and XY Files

Posted on February 5, 1998

What is it about The X-Files that has attracted such a following? Is it the blend of New Age philosophy and hard science fiction? Could it be the taboo subjects or government conspiracies? How about the flashy production values and high-tech special...
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Building a Better Dinosaur

Posted on June 2, 1997

Jurassic Park is wonderfully entertaining. The concepts are intriguing, the visuals stunning. Everything it does, it does well. Unfortunately, it doesn't do enough. There are parts missing, little bits of story DNA that are needed to complete the...
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Fried Rice: The Tale of “The Vampire Chronicles”

Posted on May 2, 1997

I am the critic, LessTact. I feed upon the creative efforts of others. Unlike many of my kind, I never prey upon the naive or creatively challenged, but only on the mistakes made by great talents who should know better. A case in point is the tale...
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Natural Born Killers

Posted on April 2, 1997

Guilty as (Sin) Charged Warning: This article contains material that may offend your sensibilities. Proceed with caution. Indicted, tried, and convicted: Violence in Western culture as crucified in Natural Born Killers through its public execution....
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