Dramatica Table of Story Elements

This chart illustrates the core Dramatica structure found in all complete stories. Its four major areas--Situation, Activity, Manipulation and Fixed Attitude--represent areas of conflict essential to fully explore a story. Various story components used to create dramatica story points such as the Story Goal and Problem sit nested within these four areas. These components have been arranged according to their relevance to genre, plot, theme and character.

Dramatica Dictionary

The 2000 edition of the Dramatica Dictionary provides you with an explanation for each and every unique term associated with the theory.


The Dramatica Comic Book

Prefer panels and speech bubbles when it comes to learning? Don't worry, we have what you need--a copy of the Dramatica comic book, The Secret of Great Stories, Vol. 1: How Does Story Work?

Dramatica Theory Book

A slightly updated fourth edition of the Dramatica theory book offers over 300 pages of pure story theory!


How and Why Dramatica is Different from Six Other Story Paradigms

Based on the series of articles below, here is an article about how and why Dramatica is different from five other story paradigms. More specifically, I compare Dramatica to the works of "Hollywood" gurus Syd Field, Robert McKee, Christopher Vogler, Michael Hauge, and John

A New Theory of Story

An unpublished article from 1993 by Melanie Anne Phillips and Chris Huntley. Originally intended as a submission for Scientific Magazine, the article was never submitted, though some of the materials were incorporated into the original Dramatica theory book.

Storyforming Journals

Dramatica Storyforming Journal Vol. 2, No. 2

This issue includes an analysis of Outbreak and The Hot Zone, articles on "How to Adapt Adeptly" and "How to Use Build Characters," Dramatica tips, Dramatica email, and more.

Dramatica Storyforming Journal Vol. 1, No. 4

This issue includes an analysis of Speed and Stargate, Interview with A Vampire, The Pagemaster, Star Trek: Generations, Dramatica Storytelling tips, the poem "The Day After Christmas," and more.