Are the 28 scenes in Dramatica supposed to fill up a two-hour movie?

After the Storyweaving 28 worksheets B (Sheet 10) are completed, are the 28+ scenes supposed to fill up a two-hour movie? I know I must be missing something here. Is it that the 28 scenes are the core scenes, and from them additional scenes are created to fill out each act?

It was a judgment error to refer to the 28 storyweaving worksheets as "scenes". They are not scenes in the filmic/television sense, but are the basis from which you develop the scenes and sequences in your script. Don't forget that, in addition to the 28 storyweaving sheets, you also have all of the character and theme storyweaving worksheet information to drop into your story, as well as all your static plot appreciations like the story Goal, Consequence, etc.

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