The Million Dollar Question

Q: Is there any way I can get my story / Screenplay to interested producers / film directors? [I know this isn't technically a Dramatica question, but it is one we get a lot so I thought I'd share my modicum of insight while the WGA Strike is on—Chris Huntley]
A: That's the $1,000,000 question. The best way to get your script to producers and directors is to get an agent. Most professionals do not accept scripts (especially unsolicited scripts) unless they are from agents. Even then it's tough. The obvious exceptions to that are:
  • Enter and win a screenplay contest. This gets you a lot of attention. There are MANY, the most notable of which is the Nichols Scholarship which grants five (?) every year. Another is called Sciptapalooza.
  • Join a group such as Ink Tip which provides producers and directors the opportunities to see loglines, treatments, and eventually scripts by its members. There is a fee involved with this one, but I think it is reasonable. Please check for yourself.
  • Make friends with producers and directors. This is accomplished by hanging around places they hang around, including doing grunt work (gopher or production assistant work) on shows for little to no $$$. People like working with people they trust and know.
  • If you're not in Los Angeles or another film production hub, consider moving here. It's difficult meeting people, and meeting WITH people, if you're not in town. Understand, however, that almost half of Los Angeles is populated by people like you--actors or writers trying to break into the business. It's tough. It's ugly. But it can be great if you get in. ALSO, understand that it is no bed of roses. The "Art" of filmmaking can be beautiful, but the "Business" of filmmaking is brutal, and I don't mean that in a romanticized way. You can expect it to take between five and ten years to be "discovered," if you ever get that chance.
Good Luck!

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