Paved with Good Intentions


SYNOPSIS: "Travis Balden had it all; high-profile job, gorgeous wife, limitless opportunity. His estranged brother, Rick, in contrast, earns a modest living as a repo man and generally lives life solo. After a corporate scandal provokes Travis to commit a murder/suicide, Rick noses around to prove to his family that Travis wasn't the golden boy they always thought. Ultimately, he must decide whether his own judgment is clouded to uncover why Travis went over the edge, as the brothers' interwoven stories merge at the truth."  Synopsis source:

Story Dynamics

8 of the 12 essential questions

Main Character Resolve: Change
Main Character Growth: Stop
Main Character Approach: Do-er
Main Character Mental Sex: Male
Story Driver: Action
Story Limit: Optionlock
Story Outcome: Success
Story Judgment: Good

Overall Story Throughline

Unravel the Mystery Murder and Missing Person Case

Overall Story Throughline: Universe
Overall Story Concern: Past
Overall Story Issue: Prediction vs. Interdiction
Overall Story Problem: Perception
Overall Story Solution: Actuality
Overall Story Symptom: Change
Overall Story Response: Inertia
Overall Story Catalyst: Fate
Overall Story Inhibitor: Falsehood
Overall Story Benchmark: Present
Overall Story Signpost 1: Present
Overall Story Signpost 2: Past
Overall Story Signpost 3: Future
Overall Story Signpost 4: Progress

Main Character Throughline


Main Character Throughline: Physics
Main Character Concern: Understanding
Main Character Issue: Senses vs. Interpretation
Main Character Problem: Perception
Main Character Solution: Actuality
Main Character Symptom: Self-Aware
Main Character Response: Aware
Main Character Unique Ability: Instinct
Main Character Critical Flaw: Sense of Self
Main Character Benchmark: Learning
Main Character Signpost 1: Understanding
Main Character Signpost 2: Doing
Main Character Signpost 3: Obtaining
Main Character Signpost 4: Learning

Influence Character Throughline


Influence Character Throughline: Psychology
Influence Character Concern: Conceptualizing
Influence Character Issue: Situation vs. Circumstances
Influence Character Problem: Thought
Influence Character Solution: Knowledge
Influence Character Symptom: Change
Influence Character Response: Inertia
Influence Character Unique Ability: State of Being
Influence Character Critical Flaw: Conditioning
Influence Character Benchmark: Conceiving
Influence Character Signpost 1: Being
Influence Character Signpost 2: Conceptualizing
Influence Character Signpost 3: Becoming
Influence Character Signpost 4: Conceiving

Relationship Story Throughline

Rival Brothers

Relationship Story Throughline: Mind
Relationship Story Concern: Memory
Relationship Story Issue: Evidence vs. Suspicion
Relationship Story Problem: Chaos
Relationship Story Solution: Order
Relationship Story Symptom: Change
Relationship Story Response: Inertia
Relationship Story Catalyst: Truth
Relationship Story Inhibitor: Destiny
Relationship Story Benchmark: Conscious
Relationship Story Signpost 1: Conscious
Relationship Story Signpost 2: Memory
Relationship Story Signpost 3: Preconscious
Relationship Story Signpost 4: Subconscious

Addditional Story Points

Key Structural Appreciations

Overall Story Goal: Past
Overall Story Consequence: Memory
Overall Story Cost: Conceptualizing
Overall Story Dividend: Understanding
Overall Story Requirements: Present
Overall Story Prerequisites: Conscious
Overall Story Preconditions: Conceiving
Overall Story Forewarnings: Learning

Plot Progression Visualizations

Dynamic Act Schematics


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