The Counterfeiters (Die Falschen)


SYNOPSIS: "Master counterfeiter Salomon 'Sally' Sorowitsch, a Jew without morals, is arrested and sent to Mauthausen concentration camp, where he weasels through by offering his 'artistic' services. After transfer to Sachsenhausen he's given an official alternative: taking 'artistic' charge of a cons teams assigned to produce perfect forgeries of allied banknotes for the Third Reich. Survivor Sally accepts, but conscience matters among the team prove no less dangerous then a sadistic jailer, which only the CO may keep in check."  Synopsis source:

Story Dynamics

8 of the 12 essential questions

Main Character Resolve: Change
Main Character Growth: Start
Main Character Approach: Be-er
Main Character Mental Sex: Male
Story Driver: Decision
Story Limit: Optionlock
Story Outcome: Success
Story Judgment: Good

Overall Story Throughline

Stalling the Counterfeiting

Overall Story Throughline: Universe
Overall Story Concern: Present
Overall Story Issue: Attempt vs. Work
Overall Story Problem: Protection
Overall Story Solution: Inaction
Overall Story Symptom: Evaluation
Overall Story Response: Reevaluation
Overall Story Catalyst: Work
Overall Story Inhibitor: Doubt
Overall Story Benchmark: Past
Overall Story Signpost 1: Future
Overall Story Signpost 2: Past
Overall Story Signpost 3: Present
Overall Story Signpost 4: Progress

Main Character Throughline

Sally (Solomon)

Main Character Throughline: Psychology
Main Character Concern: Conceiving
Main Character Issue: Expediency vs. Need
Main Character Problem: Protection
Main Character Solution: Inaction
Main Character Symptom: Reduction
Main Character Response: Production
Main Character Unique Ability: Permission
Main Character Critical Flaw: Preconditions
Main Character Benchmark: Conceptualizing
Main Character Signpost 1: Being
Main Character Signpost 2: Becoming
Main Character Signpost 3: Conceiving
Main Character Signpost 4: Conceptualizing

Influence Character Throughline


Influence Character Throughline: Physics
Influence Character Concern: Learning
Influence Character Issue: Analysis vs. Strategy
Influence Character Problem: Non-Acceptance
Influence Character Solution: Acceptance
Influence Character Symptom: Evaluation
Influence Character Response: Reevaluation
Influence Character Unique Ability: Prerequisites
Influence Character Critical Flaw: Deficiency
Influence Character Benchmark: Understanding
Influence Character Signpost 1: Understanding
Influence Character Signpost 2: Doing
Influence Character Signpost 3: Obtaining
Influence Character Signpost 4: Learning

Relationship Story Throughline

Pragmatist vs. Idealist

Relationship Story Throughline: Mind
Relationship Story Concern: Subconscious
Relationship Story Issue: Doubt vs. Investigation
Relationship Story Problem: Production
Relationship Story Solution: Reduction
Relationship Story Symptom: Evaluation
Relationship Story Response: Reevaluation
Relationship Story Catalyst: Investigation
Relationship Story Inhibitor: Attempt
Relationship Story Benchmark: Memory
Relationship Story Signpost 1: Past
Relationship Story Signpost 2: Past
Relationship Story Signpost 3: Past
Relationship Story Signpost 4: Memory

Addditional Story Points

Key Structural Appreciations

Overall Story Goal: Present
Overall Story Consequence: Past
Overall Story Cost: Learning
Overall Story Dividend: Conceiving
Overall Story Requirements: Past
Overall Story Prerequisites: Memory
Overall Story Preconditions: Understanding
Overall Story Forewarnings: Conceptualizing

Plot Progression Visualizations

Dynamic Act Schematics


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