The Exorcist

Storyform for the Damian as Main Character Story

This was our first choice for The Exorcist with Damian Karras as the Main Character and Chris McNeil, several priests, and the demon itself acting as the Influence Character(s). The alternative storyform has Chris McNeil as the Main Character and Father Karras as the Influence Character.

Story Dynamics

8 of the 12 essential questions

Main Character Resolve: Change
Main Character Growth: Start
Main Character Approach: Be-er
Main Character Mental Sex: Female
Story Driver: Action
Story Limit: Optionlock
Story Outcome: Success
Story Judgment: Good

Overall Story Throughline

Demon in the Girl

Overall Story Throughline: Universe
Overall Story Concern: Future
Overall Story Issue: Openness vs. Preconception
Overall Story Problem: Disbelief
Overall Story Solution: Faith
Overall Story Symptom: Consider
Overall Story Response: Reconsider
Overall Story Catalyst: Choice
Overall Story Inhibitor: Hope
Overall Story Benchmark: Progress
Overall Story Signpost 1: Past
Overall Story Signpost 2: Future
Overall Story Signpost 3: Progress
Overall Story Signpost 4: Present

Main Character Throughline

Fr. Damian Karras

Main Character Throughline: Psychology
Main Character Concern: Becoming
Main Character Issue: Commitment vs. Responsibility
Main Character Problem: Disbelief
Main Character Solution: Faith
Main Character Symptom: Pursuit
Main Character Response: Avoid
Main Character Unique Ability: Responsibility
Main Character Critical Flaw: Self-Interest
Main Character Benchmark: Being
Main Character Signpost 1: Being
Main Character Signpost 2: Becoming
Main Character Signpost 3: Conceiving
Main Character Signpost 4: Conceptualizing

Influence Character Throughline

Chris McNeil, various Priests, and the Demon

Influence Character Throughline: Physics
Influence Character Concern: Obtaining
Influence Character Issue: Self-Interest vs. Morality
Influence Character Problem: Feeling
Influence Character Solution: Logic
Influence Character Symptom: Consider
Influence Character Response: Reconsider
Influence Character Unique Ability: Morality
Influence Character Critical Flaw: Commitment
Influence Character Benchmark: Doing
Influence Character Signpost 1: Understanding
Influence Character Signpost 2: Doing
Influence Character Signpost 3: Obtaining
Influence Character Signpost 4: Learning

Relationship Story Throughline

Psychiatry vs. Religion

Relationship Story Throughline: Mind
Relationship Story Concern: Subconscious
Relationship Story Issue: Closure vs. Denial
Relationship Story Problem: Avoid
Relationship Story Solution: Pursuit
Relationship Story Symptom: Consider
Relationship Story Response: Reconsider
Relationship Story Catalyst: Dream
Relationship Story Inhibitor: Delay
Relationship Story Benchmark: Preconscious
Relationship Story Signpost 1: Memory
Relationship Story Signpost 2: Preconscious
Relationship Story Signpost 3: Subconscious
Relationship Story Signpost 4: Conscious

Addditional Story Points

Key Structural Appreciations

Overall Story Goal: Future
Overall Story Consequence: Subconscious
Overall Story Cost: Obtaining
Overall Story Dividend: Becoming
Overall Story Requirements: Progress
Overall Story Prerequisites: Preconscious
Overall Story Preconditions: Doing
Overall Story Forewarnings: Being

Plot Progression Visualizations

Dynamic Act Schematics


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