Story Talk

Dramatica and Other Story Paradigms

How Dramatica compares to five other story paradigms published September 14, 2006

This audio article explores the similarities and differences between the Dramatica theory of story and the works and story paradigms of Syd Field, Michael Hauge, Robert McKee, John Truby, and Christopher Vogler.

A.I. Wars

The dueling visions of Stanley Kubrick and Stephen Spielberg in A.I. Artificial Intelligence published May 10, 2006

This is a constructive criticism of A.I. Artificial Intelligence. Though there are many great and not-so-great qualities in the film, there is one particularly onerous flaw that most audience members sensed but which Dramatica can explain A.I.'s mysterious double ending.

Building a Better Dinosaur

A constructive criticism of the film Jurassic Park published May 5, 2006

This film analysis of Jurassic Park provides a glimpse of how some of Dramatica's basic concepts can be employed to improve a story. Use this as an example of how many aspects of Dramatica can be brought together in a practical sense. This article was excerpted from Dramatica: A New Theory of Story.

Dramatica In The Real World

How to create story pitches in 30 minutes or less published April 26, 2006

Your producer called. You have a pitch meeting in thirty minutes...what do you do? Author and professional screenwriter Armando SaldaƱa Mora shows you how to create a solid story from a not-so-solid logline.