Certified Dramatica Story Experts for hire

Jim Hull

Jim Hull has spent the better half of two decades exploring and communicating to others all things Dramatica. His publication Narrative First provides hundreds of insightful articles while his classes and weekend seminars offer an introduction to the theory. Currently consulting for a television series in production (but can't mention the studio because the mouse in charge doesn't like it when you use his name). In addition, Jim redesigned this site in its entirety in late 2012. Jim can be found @jameshull on Twitter.

Sandy Stone

Sandy Stone has been a practicing Dramatica consultant since 1994, working with writers and producers to apply Dramatica principles to movie and TV scripts, as well as novels, videogames, etc. A graduate of USC School of Cinema-Television, Sandy has been involved in Dramatica since its inception, and is considered to be one of the world's foremost experts in the theory. He continues to run the bi-monthly Dramatica Writers Group in Burbank.

Armando Saldanamora

Armando Saldanamora has been a TV writer for more than 15 years and wrote the book, "Dramatica For Screenwriters". In Hollywood Armando acted as consultant for projects that were bought by Fox, Dreamworks, SyFy and Lifetime. In 2012 he wrote/co-wrote three features that were produced -- one of them finding international release. Recently Armando founded the production company Flawless Victory Media

Mike Wollaeger

Mike Wollaeger has been a writer in Hollywood since 1996, and has worked for several top television series, including The X-Files, Star Trek: Voyager, Xena, Goosebumps and 24. His short films have screened at HBO's Comedy Arts Fesitval and Montréal's Just For Laughs, and have won several Best of the Fest awards.

David Couchariere

David Couchariere has been working in the feature industry for 15 years. After syncretizing all major writing schools of thought over the course of 5 years into an 800-page thesis on the craft of writing, ranging from 3-Act structural approaches to mythological and beat-oriented paradigms, David encountered and immersed himself in Dramatica, realizing that it expanded the scope of stories to an unprecedented degree, both conceptually and mechanically. David helps writers take their stories to the next level with Dramatica, offering consulting services for all stages of development.

Stephen Krueger

Stephen Krueger is an alumnus of Evangel University (B.F.A in Film) and the LA Film Studies Center. Writing high-fantasy, sci-fi, and poetry since the age of 13, Stephen took a break from his field for the last 3 years to live abroad and discover what it is he has to say. During this time, he searched for a unified theory of story and found Dramatica. He is currently completing his second novel, running his own photography company, and story consulting...he loves doing them all.

Jon Gentry

Jon Gentry Jon Gentry is a writer, director, producer and bio-hacker based in Los Angeles. As a writer, Jon has written for “Human Nature", “Monster Chef,” the Showtime series “Next Stop for Charlie,” as well as content for numerous corporate events and comedy programs. Jon has also directed numerous commercials and branded content. Jon is a recipient of the Arthur Miller Celebrate Playwright Award.