DUG 1/31: What You Need to Know

January 26, 2017

Hey Dramaticlickbaiters,

(The Subject line does sound like click-bait, doesn't it?)  We are holding our January Dramatica Users Group session next Tuesday, Jan. 31st, and we will analyze "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial".  What you need to know is that we will NOT be screening the movie prior to the 7:00 meeting -- so you will need to watch it on your own beforehand.  Hopefully you already have that DVD on your shelf, but I'm sure it's available on Netflix or Amazon or On-Demand or yadda-yadda.  (If nothing else, your local library probably has the DVD for free!)

We will meet at a venue in Pasadena, same place as December.  To get details about the new location, please contact either myself or Jim Hull through the on-line contact forms, and we will forward you that info.

Turning to Writers Group business, we have two February meetings, 2/7 and 2/21.  A script is already lined up for the 21st, but the 7th (less than two weeks away) is still wide open.  If you'd like to grab that spot, let me know pretty soon and it can be yours.

See you in Pasadena on Tuesday!


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