Archetypal Characters


The eight simple Overall Characters that can be employed in a story's thematic arguments

Of all the ways the 64 Overall Character elements of Dramatica might be grouped, there is one arrangement that is akin to an alignment of the planets. When all elements from one "family" of like elements are placed in each character, eight Archetypal Characters are created. They are Archetypal because their homogeneous nature accommodates all levels a character must have to be fully dimensional, yet line up by content so well there is little internal dissonance. Archetypal Characters are useful in stories that seek to concentrate on plot, action, or external themes. This is because they do not "get in the way" or clutter the Author's purpose. However, because they are so predictable, Archetypal Characters are not easily used to explore the human psyche and are most readily employed in stories designed more for entertainment than message.