Team Members

Chris Huntley

Chris Huntley co-developed Dramatica over a period of fourteen years and is the Vice President and Academy Technical Achievement Award® winning co-creator of Write Brothers, Inc. His 29 years of experience with script formatting, word processing and software development are reflected in the acclaimed Dramatica theory of story. Mr. Huntley continues to develop writing tools for Write Brothers, Inc.

Melanie Anne Phillips

Melanie Anne Phillips is the co-creator of the Dramatica theory of story. Later, as Director of Research and Development for Write Brothers, she collaborated in the design and development of the Dramatica line of software and accessories. Today, Ms. Phillips develops writing tools for her own company, Storymind and provides writing tips on Twitter @WritingTip and on her story structure blog, Dramaticapedia.

Stephen Greenfield

Stephen Greenfield the President of Write Brothers, Inc., the creators of the software products found here and at While the chief software architect on the earlier versions of Dramatica. Stephen did not invent the theory (see "Dramatica History and Development " for more information on the authors and his involvement). Stephen is a produced screenwriter in the WGA.

Sandy Stone

Sandy Stone has been a practicing Dramatica consultant since 1994, working with writers and producers to apply Dramatica principles to movie and TV scripts, as well as novels, videogames, etc. A graduate of USC School of Cinema-Television, Sandy has been involved in Dramatica since its inception, and is considered to be one of the world's foremost experts in the theory. He continues to run the bi-monthly Dramatica Writers Group in Burbank.

Jim Hull

Jim Hull has spent the better half of two decades exploring and communicating to others all things Dramatica. His publication Narrative First provides hundreds of insightful articles while his classes and weekend seminars offer an introduction to the theory. Currently consulting for a television series in production (but can't mention the studio because the mouse in charge doesn't like it when you use his name). In addition, Jim redesigned this site in its entirety in late 2012. Jim can be found @jameshull on Twitter.

KE Monahan Huntley

KE Monahan Huntley is an editor and publisher based in Southern California. As one of the original contributors to Dramatica, she helped edit and analyze many of the examples. In addition, her numerous articles provided an insightful "conversational" approach to the theory. Today she can be found at Write Between the Lines or follow her on Twitter @kemhuntley.

Armando Saldanamora

Armando Saldanamora has been a TV writer for more than 15 years and wrote the book, "Dramatica For Screenwriters". In Hollywood Armando acted as consultant for projects that were bought by Fox, Dreamworks, SyFy and Lifetime. In 2012 he wrote/co-wrote three features that were produced -- one of them finding international release. Recently Armando founded the production company Flawless Victory Media