DUG 1/9: “La La Land”

January 7, 2018

Hey Dramatijazzfans,

Happy 2018 to everyone!  Hope you're ready for a fresh new slate of Dramatica Writers Group and Users Group gatherings.  I want to mention that the Writers Group originally set for 1/16 will be rescheduled to Jan. 23rd--and we do have a project lined up--but first let me brief you on the Users Group coming up this Tuesday, Jan. 9th.  Up for analysis this month is "La La Land", the almost-Best Picture winner at the Oscars last year (we all know how that played out...though to be fair, it did win the most awards).  For info about our meeting venue, just contact me through the on-line contact forms.  (Change the Subject line to read "Users Group".)

Now to DWG business,  I can't conduct a meeting on the 16th, so we'll just push it a week to the 23rd (there's an extra Tuesday in the month anyway).  For full updates on what we're doing in the Writers Group, click on "Contact Sandy" (or "Contact") below.

Any questions, always feel free to ask.  I won't be at the Users Group this week, but we'll see each other soon!


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