DUG 12/13 - Story Embroidery

December 12, 2016

Hey Dramatiscamps,

This Tuesday, Dec. 13th, for the Dramatica Users Group we will hold our annual Story Embroidery session, where we conceive an original story as a group based on a randomly generated storyform.  It will take place at a new venue in Pasadena.  To get details about the new location, please contact either myself or Jim Hull through the on-line contact forms, and we will forward you that info.

The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. as usual (no 5:00 movie).  And a heads-up, you may have to pay for parking.  Don't know how much, or if there are any free-if-you-get-lucky-and-somebody-leaves-when-you-get-there street options.  So I suggest you try to arrive a few minutes early to figure it all out.

Real quick re: Writers Group business, we are on hiatus until Jan. 17th (except for the DUG on 1/10).  We do already have a project lined up for that evening.  If you want to make a submission, let me know and we will talk about February.

Hope you can make it to Pasadena all right.  See you then!


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