December 7, 2015

Hey Dramatichristmasdemons,

A couple of Dramatica things left to do before the holidays completely take over -- a Users Group and next week's Writers Group.  First, tomorrow evening, Dec. 8th, we'll have a special "Story Embroidery" session of the Users Group, in which we create an original story based on a randomly generated storyform, led by Chris Huntley.  We'll start at 7:00 p.m. PST at Write Bros. in Burbank.  (No 5:00 movie or anything like that to arrive early for.)  It's a fascinating exercise, so I hope you can come!

For the DWG on Tuesday 12/15, we have something a little different to read:  a horror comedy "creature feature" screenplay by Giulie S.  (Upon the success of "Krampus", it seems vaguely appropriate right now.)  The script is 91 pages long, and it is available for reading now.

If you plan to attend next week, write me back and I will forward Giulie's script to you.  Please remember that if you receive the author's work and then can't make the meeting, be sure to contact her on your own.  Giulie's contact info is on the cover page.

Looking ahead, we're already starting to fill up spots in January and February, so if you want to schedule a project early in the new year, let me know.  (Those who have already expressed interest, I will be in touch to work out specific dates.)

Hope you're having a good December, and we'll see you tomorrow night!


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