Live. DWG. Repeat.

June 7, 2015

Hey Dramatidayloopers,

Two things--this week's DUG and next week's DWG.  First, please join us this Tuesday the 9th for the Users Group discussion of "Edge of Tomorrow" (also known as "Live Die Repeat" on the DVD release), last year's sci-fi thriller starring Tom Cruise.  I will lead the discussion this time, because Chris will be stuck away from the office.  We will run the movie in the conference room starting at 5:00 p.m., and the meeting itself starts at 7:00 PDT, in Burbank.

If you're joining us by remote, be sure to arrange your Google-Plus participation with Jim Hull -- for information visit

Now regarding our next Writers Group, taking place a week from Tuesday, June 16th, we have a TV sitcom pilot to read from Adam V.  This is a project he has submitted before, both as a script and as a pitch, but it has been substantially reworked.  The script is 36 pages long, and it is available for reading now.

Therefore, if you intend to participate in the DWG on 6/16, let me know anytime this week and I will forward you the material.  As always, if you receive the material and then can't be at the meeting, please get in touch with the author individually with your comments.  Ask me if you need Adam's contact info.

After that gathering, we will have two weeks off because of the extra Tuesday in the month.  That puts our next DWG on 7/7, which is still open if you want to submit a project for that night.  Just arrange it with me.

That's the haps.  Hope to see you Tuesday night for the movie--should be a fun discussion!


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