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November 24, 2015

Hey Dramatiholidayfeasters,

Hopefully none of you are heading into Burbank as we speak (well, unless you want to patronize the many fine retail establishments...or you live there).  Anyway, obviously there's no Dramatica meeting tonight, but we do need to get ready for our next gathering, the Writers Group a week from tonight, Tuesday December 1st.  We have a full-length screenplay to read, at 101 pages.  It's from Louis D. and Amanda F.

If you plan to attend next week, write me back and I will forward the script to you.  It is available now.

As always, if you receive the authors' work and then can't make the meeting, please be sure to contact them individually with your notes.  I can provide you their e-mail address, but it is on the cover page.

Sorry this homework comes over a holiday weekend, but it's just how the calendar fell, what with the 1st falling on a Tuesday.  And we only have one more DWG left in the year -- which, by the way, is already reserved.  So if you want to book a project for a date in 2016, let me know anytime.  (Oh, and don't forget about the special "Story Embroidery" session of the Users Group on 12/8.)

Have an awesome Thanksgiving (and Black Friday), and we'll see you next week!


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