Can you better define “Production” for me?

I cannot for the life of me understand the definition of the concept you call "production" found in the questions in the story forming section "MC Symptom" and Relationship Story Problem. Could you please re define Production for me and perhaps offer some story examples which I find very helpful, in fact in general, more helpful than the rather abstract definitions included.

Production means creating something from very little to nothing. Production, in and of itself, is not problematic. However, put into the proper context, production can create all sorts of conflict.

As a Relationship Story Problem, conflict might arise between the MC and the IC when one or the other "makes a production" out of something that the other feels isn't warranted. For example, in Auntie Mame starring Rosalind Russell (spelling?), Mame invites her nephew's fiance and future parents-in-law over for a "little" cocktail party. She makes a HUGE production of the affair which results in alienating her nephew's potential new in-laws. If it had been a simple affair (as expected), it is likely that there wouldn't arise any conflict between Mame and her nephew (MC & IC). This is one way to look at it.

As an MC Symptom, Production might be seen as problematic (a symptom of the problem for a Change character, and the primary area of conflict for a Steadfast character) in any number of ways. Let's say the MC is a "Producer" and she is involved in a "runaway production." The costs are growing, the cast is growing, everything about the production is growing except the budget -- this is very problematic. The MC would then look to the MC Response of Reduction as a treatment for the runaway production. She would work to cut scenes, locations, etc. to slow down or stop the runaway production. Another way Production could be an MC Symptom is if your MC felt that that she (or people whom she observed) was always making "much ado about nothing." In other words, blowing things out of proportion. The bottom line is that Production in the context of the MC Symptom will appear as some form of creation or creating that appears to be the source of their troubles (yet is really only its primary symptom).