Story Essence

Is ‘Negative Feeling’ merely descriptive or is it instrumental?

Does it 'twist' some part of the structure? Using my story and as well as made-up input, the only way I can get a 'Positive Feel' is to change the Judgment to Bad. 'BAD' works regardless of Success/Failure, Stop/Start, or anything else I've tried. From what I've read I assumed Bad + Failure AND Good + Success would be 'Positive.' What besides Good/Bad influences the 'Feeling'?

The combination of MC Growth (Stop or Start) and Judgment (Good or Bad) are the basis for the audience appreciation, Essence. The idea of 'negative' and 'positive' in this context describes how the story feels. A positive story is one where the characters are doggedly pursuing a solution to their troubles -- they seem to be in control. A negative story is one in which the problem is dogging the characters as they attempt to escape its effects -- they seem to be at the mercy of the problem.

  • Stop something Good, or Start something Bad = Negative
  • Start something Good, or Stop something Bad = Positive

Again, negative and positive in this context do NOT mean bad and good. Detailed definitions can be found in the dictionary: