Where do Signposts and Journeys interact with the screenplay template?

Where do the natural act breaks of the signposts/journeys (coming to an initial Dramatica-suggested 28 scenes) intersect with the screenplay template (which stands at a Dramatica-suggested 38 steps)?

The 28 scenes suggested in the StoryGuide are a straightforward, uncomplicated presentation of the signposts in each of the four throughlines. When one begins to mix things up a bit by taking part of one signpost and putting it here, taking part of another signpost and mixing it with a third over there...etc., things begin to blend and become less distinct.

The "traditional" three-act screenplay structure presented in the screenplay structure template has some clearly identifiable transitions, while the other throughlines are a bit fuzzier. My take on the structure template is this:

  • The transition between OS Signpost 1 and OS signpost 2 is Step #9 -- Plot Point 1.
  • The transition between OS Signpost 3 and OS signpost 4 is Step #30 -- Plot Point 2.
  • The transition between OS Signpost 2 and OS Signpost 3 is a bit mixed up with the MC throughline and the other throughlines, but it seems to fall somewhere between Step #19 -- Subplot Development and Step #21 -- Rising Action.

This is not an exact translation, but it seems fairly close.

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