Why does Dramatica force a Concern for some throughlines?

For some reason, when I select a Concern for one throughline the program picks the Concerns for the remaining three throughlines. Why is that?

When you choose a throughline Concern (e.g. Main Character Concern, or Objective Story Concern), you are automatically choosing the Concerns for the other three throughlines. If you look at the Dramatica Structural map, the relative position of the Concern you choose will be the same for all four Concerns. For example, if you choose FUTURE (lower, left-hand corner) as one of the throughline Concerns, the three other Concerns will be OBTAINING, SUBCONSCIOUS, and BECOMING. If you choose a Concern of PAST (upper, left-hand corner), the other three Concerns will be UNDERSTANDING, MEMORY, and CONCEPTUALIZING.

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