Why does Dramatica have so many supporters and such incredible press?

  1. Dramatica actually tells you things about your story you didn’t put in. In other words, it doesn’t just "parrot" back the text you enter, it gives active guidance by keeping structural choices consistent with your intent.
  2. Dramatica introduces organizational tools and concepts that are new and useful for understanding, discussing, and fixing problems in story structure.
  3. Dramatica has an almost magical ability to be "predictive" about story, where it can correctly intuit structural choices that a writer intends for their story -- without being told what they are.
  4. Dramatica is completely unlike other software or story models. Because it focuses on other areas that have been barely touched upon, it provides a new and useful set of tools to support story development.
  5. Dramatica gets serious results for many writers that take the time to learn how to use it.
  6. Dramatica isn't just a model of screenwriting or movies, it's a model of story. This makes it applicable to all kinds of mediums.
  7. Many writers haven’t been exposed to other narrative story structure models before, and find the exploration of story at that level fascinating.
  8. Dramatica demystifies stories by suggesting possible explanations for many common narrative patterns (e.g. act breaks).
  9. Dramatica provides enough depth and material to be used to augment high school and college writing courses.
  10. Dramatica provides objectivity for writers who don’t have writing partners.
  11. Dramatica can open a world of possible structural choices, freeing up blocked creativity.

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