Joining Us Online

How to Hangout with Dramatica folk

Since COVID-19 became an issue, we have foregone in-person meeings and have been meeting through the magic of ZOOM.

Joining the Monthly Meetings via ZOOM

One or two days before each Dramatica Users Group meeting, the Zoom link and log in information is posted to the Discuss Dramatica message board.  You do not need to be a member of the disscussion group to participate in the Dramatica Users Group meeting, though we encourage it.

Catching Up on Missed Episodes

A video of each Dramatica Users Group meeting is made available on the Discuss Dramatica message board within a day or so of the event.  For access to videos of older Dramatica users group meetings, feel free to check out the Dramatica Users Group YouTube channel. You can also find them here at the Users Group Videocast page.

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