DUG 11/14: “Winter’s Bone”

November 10, 2017

Hey Dramatimountainfolk,

The movie getting the Dramatica treatment at the Users Group this Tuesday, Nov. 14th, is "Winter's Bone", a 2010 indy offering starring Jennifer Lawrence.  (It actually got four Oscar nominations including Best Picture -- anyone remember that?)  Be sure to watch the movie on your own before joining us in Pasadena.

For info about our meeting venue, please contact either Jim Hull or myself through the on-line contact forms.  (Change the Subject line to read "Users Group".)

Now regarding the Writers Group, we're gonna take a Thanksgiving break so our next scheduled meeting is December 5th.  To get updates on what we're doing, click on "Contact Sandy" (or "Contact") below.

Have a good Veterans Day, and we'll see you Tuesday!


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