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Narrow down the analysis found here to focus on unique aspects of story structure.

Use the following to focus in on particular stories based on Dramatica's eight Dynamic Questions. For instance, you can search for stories that have a Main Character who ultimately changes their resolves and prefers to solve problems internally (Change, Be-er) or a Main Character who maintains their resolve but prefers to solve problems externally (Steadfast, Do-er). Likewise you can search for only Tragedies (Failure, Bad) or Triumphs (Success, Good). Select the combination you are most interested and see stories that share the same structural dynamics.

You can also look for certain stories based on a particular Story Structure Appreciation as well. Perhaps you're interested in seeing what stories share a Main Character Problem of Pursuit or an Overall Story Concern of Understanding. If you're stuck on a particular Appreciation in your own story, this feature can really help break through that writer's block and brainstorm new and potentially better ideas. Select from the options below to rocket your understanding of story!