Call for Material: 7/7 DWG

June 23, 2015

Hey Dramatihounds,

You should already be aware that we have no Dramatica meeting tonight, nor do we have one next Tuesday.  We will resume the Writers Group two weeks from today, on July 7th.  Currently we have no project lined up for discussion that evening, so if you'd like to submit something, get back to me as soon as you can.  Remember we can accept a verbal pitch, or a completed draft, or any step in between, of any form of work that involves a story.  Of course, make sure you're at a proper point in your creative process to solicit feedback from others -- don't want anyone to jump the gun just to fill an empty slot.  But if this is a good time for you to grease the wheels, I invite you to dive in.

If 7/7 is a bit too early for you, the 7/21 DWG is also unoccupied.

I will write again later once I know our agenda for July.  In the meantime, enjoy the long summer days!


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