July 5, 2015

Hey Dramatinators,

Hope everyone had a terrific Fourth of July!  And I trust no one tried to shoot off any fireworks from their head... right?  Okay, good.  We all need our heads so we can get back in the game ... that game being, the gathering of the Dramatica Writers Group this Tuesday, the 7th.  Since no one has stepped forward with a specific project to review, I'm going to throw this meeting open -- meaning, anyone is welcome to bring a verbal pitch to run by the group.  (And if we get more than one, we will field more than one.)  This is an opportunity to test out ideas that may be rolling around in your head that you may not be sure what to do with -- and see if we can help you formulate that idea into a complete, meaningful story (whether for a screenplay or a book or whatever).

If you don't have a pitch but want to raise a topic of discussion, feel free to do that also.  We'll basically go wherever the group wants to go.  (As long as we stay in Burbank.)

So just show up -- nothing to read or prepare.  We'll start at 7:00 on 7/7, in the usual spot.

If you want to schedule a project for the DWG on July 21st or beyond, just let me know.

That's our update.  Hope to see you on Tuesday!


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