DUG 5/8: “Kubo…”

May 5, 2018

Hey Dramatisamurai,

We have a Users Group coming up this Tuesday, May 8th, and a Writers Group the following Tuesday, May 15th.  So let me take it in order:  At the DUG, this month’s analysis is “Kubo and the Two Strings”, a 2016 animated film that was nominated for a couple of Oscars last year (oh, and by the way...it’s in English!).  Be sure to watch the movie beforehand, and come at 7:00 to the same venue as last month.  If you need that info, write me via the "Contact Sandy" (or "Contact") button below.

Also use that contact form if you want updates on what we're doing in the Writers Group.  At this time I am only communicating that info through direct e-mail.

I'll be out of town, so have a good meeting this Tuesday!


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