DUG 6/12: “Jaws”

June 10, 2018

Hey Dramatisharkhunters,

We have a script coming up for discussion at the Writers Group a week from Tuesday, but first let me mention the Users Group coming up this week, Tuesday June 12th.  Our analysis this month is “Jaws” (the Spielberg original, not Jaws 2, 3 or 4 ... sorry, I can hear your disappointment)*.  Be sure to watch the movie on your own, then come at 7:00 to the same meeting venue as last month.  If you need that info, please write me through the contact form via the button below (and please change the Subject line to "Users Group").

Please do the same (but without changing the Subject line) if you want to receive updates about our Writers Group activities.  Please note we will not have a DWG meeting on July 3rd (despite what the home page of the site says).

I for one am looking forward to seeing Jaws again after so many years, and finally adding it to our stockpile of storyforms.  Hope to see you there!


*P.S.  Hey, if this goes well, maybe next year we’ll do “Sharknado”!

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