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July 26, 2016

Hey Dramatitrekkers,

We are of course off tonight, but we have a meeting coming up next Tuesday and I really want to get a good crowd together.  We will be reviewing the project we postponed from July 5th, which is a short outline for a comic book series by Giulie S.  She'll have the first two issues outlined, and the total reading will be a maximum of 8 pages.  It'll be ready to go out later this week.

If you plan to attend the Writers Group next Tuesday, Aug. 2nd, write me back anytime this week and I will forward you the material once it's available.  (Note: I will be out of town for a couple of days, so I apologize in advance for any delays in responding.)

As always, if you receive the author's work and then can't make the meeting, please be sure to e-mail her.  Ask me for Giulie's email address if you need it.

Looking ahead, the August 16th meeting is still open, so let me know if you want to schedule something for discussion that evening.  After that the Writers Group will go on hiatus until Sept. 20th.

Hope we can really get our groove on for these last couple of meetings of the summer, and have a good turnout.  We're here to support each other!


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