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July 18, 2016

Hey Dramatipikachuhunters,

We are having our Writers Group meeting this Tuesday, July 19th, and since no one has reserved the night, we will throw it into a special Open Pitch Session (or "Special OPS" for short).  If you have a story in your head that you haven't started writing down yet, begging for some feedback or development before you do, then you are welcome to come pitch the idea to the group verbally (or with a 1-page synopsis) and see what we can do with it.  If we have multiple pitches, we will try to tackle them all.  If you don't have a story pitch but rather a theory question that you'd like to submit for discussion, bring it on in.  We'll go wherever the group wants to go.  (And who knows what anime creature we might stumble over.)

So no homework, just show up at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow at the Write Bros. office in Burbank.

We do have a project slated for our next DWG afterwards, which is August 2nd, and there will be very light reading involved (the one postponed from last time).  I do hope to gather a good crowd for that session, so please block that night out if you possibly can.

And if you want to book a project for Aug. 16th, just let me know.

Happy gameplaying, but look UP before you cross the street.  See you tomorrow!


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