DWG Reminder: 4/21

April 18, 2015

Hey Dramatizens,

We need to get more people signed up to participate in the Writers Group discussion this Tuesday, April 21st.  The script we are reading is only 41 pages long -- it's the first six episodes of a web series by Latoya W. (a significant rewrite from the draft we reviewed a few weeks ago).  If you can possibly take some time to read this script and join us Tuesday evening, it would be greatly valuable.  I know people are busy, but let's do what we can to keep this conclave of mutual support and creativity alive and kicking!  (Would love to hear from some of you who haven't attended in a long time!)

Write me back if you can do this, and I will forward you the reading right away.  Again, we are gathering this Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. PDT in Burbank.

As for upcoming DWG meetings, we still have 5/5 open if you'd like to slate a project for that night.  May 19th is booked, but then we have 6/2 & 6/16 to fill up.  Just talk to me.

Thanks for whatever you can do, and hope to see you on Tuesday!


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