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April 13, 2015

Hey Dramatihatintotheringtossers,

We have a script coming up in a couple of days to read for next week's Writers Group, but first let me remind you about the Users Group session tomorrow night, April 14th.  We will watch and analyze "Moonstruck", the 1987 Norman Jewison film starring Cher ("Snap out of it!" -- remember?).  The movie will be screened in the conference room at Write Bros. starting at 5:00, and the discussion will begin at 7:00 PDT.

If you're joining us by remote, be sure to work out your Google-Plus participation with Jim Hull -- for information visit

Now, regarding our upcoming DWG -- taking place Tuesday 4/21 -- we will review a web series script by Latoya W., a rewrite of a submission from a few meetings ago.  I don't know how many pages she's got this time, but I'm sure it's well short of feature length.  (If you recall, her script was broken down into individual episodes that averaged 5 pages each.)  She's expecting to have it ready to go out on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

If you can attend the meeting next Tuesday, write me back anytime to let me know, and I will forward you the reading as soon as it's available.

As always, please be sure to contact the author individually if you receive the material and then can't be in attendance.  I'll make sure you have Latoya's e-mail address.

Looking ahead, we still have our Cinco de Mayo (5/5) DWG open, if you'd like to book a project for that evening.  Just let me know.  FYI, May 19th is already committed.

Hope tax season is treating you well, and we'll see you tomorrow night!


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