DWG Reminder 6/7: An Evening With Melanie

June 6, 2016

Hey Dramatigroupies,

Hope you can join us tomorrow night for a special session of the Dramatica Writers Group with rock star guest Melanie Anne Phillips, co-creator of Dramatica Theory, fielding questions from you guys.  We will start at 7:00 p.m. in the conference room at Write Bros. in Burbank, Tuesday June 7th.  Nothing to read in advance, just show up with your brains (your tasty, tasty brains).

And as I mentioned before, if you want to schedule a project for discussion at our next DWG, June 21st, it's still open so let me know anytime.

Be sure to get out and vote tomorrow (it's not just about the top of the ticket -- the down-ballot races are important too).  And then come reward yourself with [echo effect] "An Evening With Melanie!"  Look forward to it!


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