DUG 6/14: 5:00 screening, 7:30 meeting

June 12, 2016

Hey Dramatipresumptivenominees,

At the Users Group this Tuesday, June 14th, we will analyze the 1982 Meryl Streep film "Sophie's Choice".  Because the movie runs 2-1/2 hours, Chris will start the screening at 5:00 SHARP and it'll wrap up around 7:30, at which time we will start the discussion.  So if you're attending the meeting and not the screening, the start time is 7:30.

That, of course, is Pacific Time.  If you're joining us by remote, be sure to sign up with Jim Hull on Google-Plus.  Visit this page for info:  http://dramatica.com/community/users-group/online
(Otherwise we'll see you in person at Write Bros. in Burbank!)

Now on to Writers Group business, we still have openings on June 21st (next week) as well as July 5th & 19th.  If you want to schedule a project for any of those dates, let me know as soon as you can.  I'll be in touch again later this week once we have our agenda for the next meeting.  Things have gotten a bit slow, but I hope those scripts are getting worked on in the meantime!

Our hearts go out to the people of Orlando and the entire LGBT community.  See you on Tuesday.


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