DWG Update: 7/21 & More

July 9, 2015

Hey Dramatidenizens,

After a bit of a slow-down (though we had a good group for our open pitch session!), things are picking up pretty fast.  First, I want to tell you about the script we have lined up to review at our next Writers Group meeting, taking place July 21st, a week from Tuesday.  Thomas F. (some of you may remember him from the early days of Dramatica) would like to submit a screenplay for consideration by the group.  It is 97 pages long, and it deals with the subject of terrorism.

If you can attend that discussion on 7/21, write me back and I will forward the script over to you.  It is available for reading now.  As always, if you receive the author's work and then can't make the meeting, please reach out to the author individually.  Thomas' contact info is on the cover page.

In the interim, we do of course have our Users Group meeting this coming Tuesday, 7/14.  We will analyze the pilot episode of "Jane The Virgin", a TV series on the CW network.  The important thing to note is, since the show is only an hour long, the pre-meeting screening will start at 6:00, rather than 5:00.  The discussion itself, of course, starts at 7:00.  (I will send out a reminder this weekend.)

One more thing I'd like to mention:  One of our most active Writers Group members, Sarah Hohman, is performing stand-up at a comedy club this Sunday 7/12 in Burbank.  The venue is Flappers, 102 E. Magnolia, right off the 5 Freeway -- practically around the corner from Write Bros.  The event starts at 5:00.  Here is a link for full details:


Tickets are $15, and be sure to mention you're there to see Sarah (she gets credit for her guests).  Come if you can and show your support!

So that's our update:  7/21 DWG, 7/14 DUG, and 7/12 Flappers...  This keeps up, I'll have to start a newsletter!  (Or maybe a website ..... nahhh!)


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