DWG Update: Script for 6/21

June 15, 2016

Hey Dramatirevolutionaries,

For our next Writers Group, Tuesday June 21st, we will be graced by a screenplay from none other than the president of Write Bros. himself, Stephen Greenfield (you know, that frumpy guy who pops his head in every now and then always holding a laptop?).  Many of you veterans (trying to avoid saying "old-timers") will recognize it from previous drafts he's brought in over the years.  But this version is substantially reworked, he says.  It's 115 pages long, and it's available for reading now.

If you plan to come next Tuesday evening, write me back and I will forward the script to you.  As always, if you receive the material and then can't make the meeting, please be sure to convey your feedback to the author individually.  Steve's contact info is on the cover page.

Looking ahead, we have another project lined up for July 5th, and fortunately it'll be short reading (2-4 pages) to do over the holiday weekend.  After that, July 19th is still open if you want to reserve it.

Steve -- who, by the way, was chief engineer on the Dramatica software -- has been working on this script for quite a long time, so it'll really benefit him to get a variety of fresh eyes on it.  Hope a lot of you can make it!


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