July 26, 2015

Hey Dramatipacmanchasers,

Quick update on what's going on.  We are off this week, so our next Dramatica session is the Writers Group a week from Tuesday, which is August 4th.  That slot is currently vacant, so if you have a project that you wish to bring and can be ready to present by then, let me know as soon as you can.  (Remember, you can book a night to pitch an idea on the spot, if that would be a productive exercise for you.)

We do have something lined up for the second August meeting, 8/18, which I will tell you about later.  And of course, if you want to schedule a date in September or anytime down the road, just talk to me and I'm happy to ink you in.

I'll be in touch again later as soon as we have an agenda for next week.  Until then, enjoy what's left of July!


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