Mission: ImDWGible

August 2, 2015

Hey Dramatiknowledgedisavowers,

We are gathering for the Writers Group this Tuesday, Aug. 4th, and since no one has a project on the slate this week, we are going to make this another Open Pitch/Q&A Session (notice how I'm capitalizing that now?).  So if you have an idea rolling around in your noggin for a script or a book or whatever that you'd like to pitch verbally to the group and see where it can go, bring it on in.  If we have more than one, then we might do more than one.  And/or, if you have a theory question on Dramatica that's burning in your craw (and hopefully not other places, though I'm sure there's a cream for that), then bring it in and raise it.  The group in the room will determine its own destiny!

So just show up, no homework to do -- 7:00 PDT Tuesday at Write Bros. in Burbank, as usual.

We will be looking at some script pages for the next DWG in two weeks, 8/18, but I'll announce that later.  I haven't yet determined if we'll gather on Sept. 1st -- usually we cancel the first September meeting because it falls right next to Labor Day, but Labor Day is a week late this year.  We'll talk about it Tuesday.  If you want to schedule a project for 9/15 or beyond, let me know anytime.

That's the haps -- hope to see you Tuesday!


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