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January 31, 2016

Hey Dramatikungfupandas,

Reminder that at the Writers Group this Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, we are reviewing a short outline from Shawn G. for a horror screenplay.  If you plan to attend and don't have the material yet, let me know so I can forward it to you.  And then be prepared to discuss the project starting at 7:00 p.m. PST at the Write Bros. office in Burbank.

Since the reading is only 4 pages long, if you don't get it in advance and decide at the last moment to come, feel free to do so but try to arrive a few minutes early -- I'll be sure to have a printout available to peruse on the spot.

That's this Tuesday.  We have a Users Group next week, then in two weeks (2/19) we'll have a full screenplay to review, which I'll tell you about later.  Currently the March meetings, 3/1 & 3/15, are unspoken for, so let me know anytime if you want to submit a project for either of those dates.

One other thing I'd like to mention:  A couple of our group members -- Sarah Hohman and Amber Donahue -- have started a new website to showcase the writing of female authors, and they will be soliciting submissions for short stories soon.  The site is called UpWriteLadies.  Please check it out at:


Stay dry and safe, and we'll see you Tuesday!


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