Dramatica Term

An item that describes the area in which any one of the four throughlines occurs

There are four Throughlines in every complete story, each representing a different perspective in the structure of that story. One is assigned to the Overall Story Throughline and contains the story points attributed to the dispassionate argument of the story while also describing the area in which the Overall Story occurs. Another is for the Relationship Story Throughline and contains the story points which concern the passionate argument of the story and describe the relationship between the Main and Impact Characters. The Main and Impact Character are each assigned Throughlines as well, which contain the story points attributed to their characters and describe the areas in which they each operate. Each Throughline is the matching of a particular Class (either Situation (Universe), Activity (Physics), Manipulation (Psychology), or Fixed Attitude (Mind)) with a particular throughline (either Overall Story, Main Character, Impact Character, or Relationship Story). Each Domain describes the general area in which the problems of its throughline will lie and from what perspective the audience will be directed to view those problems. Domains determine large, genre-like positions in the relationship of audience to story.