Storymind Presents

Learn Characters in a Day

Scheduled for June 18, 2016

Learn all you need to know about character structure, character development AND character charisma in this full-day intensive seminar & workshop. By the end of this full-day program, you'll be able to easily build compelling motivated characters that are both structurally sound and wholly integrated into your story. Never be stuck with old, tired, stereotypes again!

Learn How to Use Dramatica in a Day

Scheduled for May 21, 2016

Learn all you need to know about the Dramatica theory AND the Dramatica software in the one-day intensive seminar & workshop. Taught by Dramatica theory co-creator Melanie Anne Phillips, gets you up to speed on all of Dramatica's key concepts and how they provide a bridge between story structure and real life narratives so that your stories will come alive! By the end of the day, you'll be a Dramatica expert too!
Note: If you would like to follow along with the creation of The Ugly Duckling story talked about within the program, please visit the Hiram the Ugly Duckling page